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With extensive input possibilities, all data needed for your pipe inspection receive the best evaluation and archiving of pipe inspection results. The results can be shocking to know what your dealing with from breached line, pipe through line, water infiltration, roots compromising flow...

Sewer & Pipe Line Video Inspection |CCTV Flow-Rite Pipe & Sewer Services


Flow-Rite Pipe and Sewer Services, LLC  uses only the latest CCTV equipment and reporting methods, providing same day reporting offering the best quality, flexible and reliable data in sewer inspection.


We troubleshoot pipes and sewer lines locating things like; cracked or broken tiles, offset joints, and blockages. We quickly and precisely locate these spots without excavation. Our CCTV Pipe Line Video Inspection systems and software produces the most sophisticated and user friendly data collection, analysis, reporting, and archiving in the industry.


With this technology, we offer you the most comprehensive same day reporting possible, including:


  • Data Collection

  • Video Picture Capture

  • Video Sequence Capture

  • Manhole Inspection Reporting

  • Data Importing & Exporting


More work is coming to Flow-Rite from new construction. Contractors call

Flow-Rite to inspect right after an installation to get final approval from inspectors.The findings include project information, pipe section observation and photos that are directly analyzed on screen. Data is stored digitally and retrieved in seconds with same day reports. 


“Surprisingly, there are small problems on almost every job,” Mike says. “It

might be a bad joint, or a lateral pushed in too far. After my inspection, they can fix it right away before they go on with the project.

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