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We work primarily with municipalities with as few as 1,000 people, up to 50,000 in population,” says Mike, whose business is based in Galesville, Wis., near the Minnesota border in southwestern Wisconsin. “Most of these cities choose not to buy new and expensive equipment and hire more people, as long as they can get a good, competitive quality of work from the private sector.”


Mike launched his pipe inspection and cleaning business by calling on various nearby cities, determining the type of and volume of work available, and then buying new equipment accordingly. There are many municipalities within the 150-mile radius Flow-Rite serves, including La Crosse (population 51,000) and Eau Claire (60,000).


Our primary focus of service is the upper midwestern region of the United States.

We service the upper midwest regions of the United States headquartered in Galesville, WI

Service Area | Flow-Rite Pipe & Sewer Services


Our service region continues to expand from International Falls, MN to south of Beloit, WI. We service the Upper Midwest region of the United States with a full range of services for Municipal, Commercial and Industrial Businessed, Agriculture, and Residential.

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