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We Are Committed To Keeping You Flowing With Only Quality Pipe and Sewer Line Services

ABOUT: Flow-Rite Pipe & Sewer Services


Flow-Rite Pipe and Sewer Services, LLC is owned and opperated by Mike Happel. It is a second generation family run business serving local and midwest Municipalities, Commercial and Industrial Businesses, Agricultural needs for farmers, and lite Residential applications for pipe and sewer services when needed. 


We are locked into a pipe line and sewer line service niche that continues growing in demand. We are committed to keeping your business flowing with only quality pipe and sewer line services.


When Mike Happel began the business in 2005 and started promoting Flow-Rite Pipe & Sewer Services, he spent a lot of time knocking on doors, getting the word out about our equipment and services. The word has spread, especially among smaller municipalities who ask to go on our regular service contracts. For Mike, contracts are a good way to go. “If you want to upgrade your equipment, this is a definite advantage,” he says. “You know where your funds will be coming from. A contract makes your business worth much more.” On a day-to-day basis, Mike keeps in contact with our municipal customers reminding them of what we have to offer.” As for dairy and hog farm business, the farmers are pleased to have found a company able to keep things running smoothly on a daily basis.


Services Include: Sewer Line Cleaning; Sewer Line Unplugging; Digester Cleaning; High Pressure Hydro-blast Cleaning; Hydro-vac Hydro Excavating; Pot Holeing; Spill Cleanup; Pipe Line Video and Sewer CCTV Inspection with same day reporting; Tank & Pit Cleaning; Wet and Dry Vacuuming; and more...

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